47ASHES: 1996-2004

A few months back, 47ASHES' eight album entitled "MY BIVOUACS IN YOUR BUNKERS" was released.

Unlike previous opuses, this one was released by French label CYNFEIRDD as part of their "Eye To Eye" collection, therefore benefiting from quality presentation and professional distribution.

This album also featured several artists who took part in it in a friendly manner (Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter, Melek-Tha, ClauDedi of Ain Soph, Skin Crime, "Big Jim" The Egg, Vinci, Ophth), all contributing to the plurality and the coherence of this album.

However this album is 47ASHES' last album.

Indeed, I have decided to stop my musical activities in order to focus on another artistic field: photography, through which I will express myself again in a short time, under a new moniker...

That's why, for the last time, I would like to give my regards to everyone who took part in 47ASHES' evolution in a way or another and send them my warmest thanks.

Best regards,


PS: the website 47ashes.free.fr will remain accessible "as is"; the e-mail address saintpierre@minitel.net will soon be deleted; new contact details will be available then.