/October 2004/

- Final announcement! Click here!

/December 2003-January-February-March-April 2004 (!!!)/

- Hail To All! First, S O R R Y for this too long silence, but these last four months, I have been very engrossed by other personnal activities (and a major malfunction of my computer has also put off all sorts of things - grrr...); and I have as well taken important resolutions regarding my polyvalent artistic hobby "actually" known under the moniker of 47ASHES...

- For the moment, I can announce that the new CD-R album of 47ASHES "MY BIVOUACS IN YOUR BUNKERS" is A V A I L A B L E! Yeeeeees... I've stayed more long than foregone in the blockhaustudio of my friend-and-fiend VINCI for some - but the final sound quality is proportionally mightier! Action! Danger! Minimalism! And Girls! Girls! Girls! It isn't low-fi, it isn't hi-fi, it's simply "sancti-fy" - hu!

- Meanwhile, at first, this new CD-R is intended for promotional use ONLY. So, if you're a "Businessman In Black", send me a good old e-mail to receive a free promotional copy. (Later on, copies of this chef-d'œuvre should maybe be available from different distributors, here and there...)


/November 2003/

- Haaaaaaaail Everybody! First, some good news about the next master-piece (ahaha) of 47ASHES, the album "MY BIVOUACS IN YOUR BUNKERS" (to be released beginning of 2004)...
... In the heart of the frosty night of November 10th, I have been invited again by my favorite byker-of-the-dark-side and so-cool-partner LORD EVIL to create some new tracks in his private countrysian studio (called Der Gross "Ade Truque Eude Brun" Sound 666 System). This electrick and magick nocturnal session has been very interesting and very prolific, the master-mind of MELEK-THA and I have recorded nine new tracks based on different sounds friendly gived by the special guests of 47ASHES mixed with new personnal works...
Here are some photos from this Himmelich Ubernacht:

- ... And a few days after this session, the original tapes have been transfered to hard-drive by another friend, "the now-so-known-under-the-strange-name-of" VINCI (aka Vivi The Fingers Of Wizard, Big Boss Vinci The Vice, Vicious Vinci, XXX Vinz...) in order to finalise and masterise the next album of 47ASHES.

- I'm also proud to welcome a new special last-minute guest (with a little help from DER BEKANNTE POST INDUSTRIELLE TROMPETER) who has accepted to send to me some sounds: Master CLAUDEDI of AIN SOPH Z'himself Und In-Person (yoo-oo!). It's a GREAT honour for 47ASHES; I thank him a lot. Lucifer, Wotan and Cthulhu Bless ClauDedi (and DBPIT)!

- A very good news for French bookworms: the legendary novel of JAMES GRAHAM BALLARD "La Foire aux Atrocités" ("The Atrocity Exhibition" in the original version) has been recently re-released in France by Tristam Editions, in a nice presentation containing new annotations by JGB himself, some exclusive chapters and a precedently unpublished preface by WILLIAM BURROUGHS. A Must-Have! The previous French edition from 1981 (published under the title "Le Musée des Horreurs" by the avant-gardiste editions Titres-SF, with an extraordinary cover designed by Nicollet/Kelek) has been totaly sold-out for years and this is a unique chance for everyone to (re)discover this ESSENTIAL novel. J.G.BALLARD was and stays very appreciated by many notorious artists of the "industrial musical culture", especially for this other novel "Crash!". So, French friends, READ IT OR DIE! "La Foire Aux Atrocités" is also a main inspiration in the complex and weirdo universe of 47ASHES and the now sold-out MCD-R "NOISE, NAPALM AND NECROPSY" was totally dedicated to the books of J.G.BALLARD).

- Attentionnnn, mesdames et messieurs - this is the wonderful website of the month: www.subgenius.com aka the supreme head-quarters of the Supra-Chuppa-Booga-Wa-Wa Vrooom CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS, the All-In-One Religion of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, the High Epopt Living Slack Master... A sort of Sciento-Cosmo-Spacio-Mystico(...)logy 500% Incredible! Undescriptible! Indicible! (and Girls! Girls! Girls!) "This is the most authentic USA religion; the SubGenius have made the last, best joke about the pathology of our decadent civilization". If you don't know this REALLY CULT cult, just click it!! !! !!

/October 2003/

- Artists of very varied horizons from here, there and elsewhere have accepted to provide 47ASHES with sounds, samples or songs to .struct, .destruct or .restruct for "MY BIVOUACS IN YOUR BUNKERS". So, I'm proud to introduce you to the very-blacklist of special guests for my next album: DER BEKANNTE POST INDUSTRIELLE TROMPETER (Italy - Trumpets Of The Apocalypse), SKIN CRIME (USA - Pure and Impure Noises), "Big" Jim THE EGG (France - Drums Of Doom) and of course, the door-keeper of Heaven Of Dead Bykers himself, Lord Evil/MELEK-THA (France - Awfully Satanic Loops). Final purifying and mastering will also be done by VINCI (France - Sound Alchemist).

- 47ASHES has been interviewed by the notorious French web zine THE NOISEIST for its forthcoming issue. For the first time, the true origin of the name 47ASHES is unveilled (!); Saint-Pierre also speaks about his vision of "What was SO GOOD in the old school Industrial Music" and "What that NEO-COMMERCIAL SHIT in actual Industrial Music" and other subtle thoughts... Soon online.

- Banzaïïïï, it's already time for the Weird Web Monster Of The Month! ...And the winner is... www.artnotart.com/gero Oooh Fabulous / Raaah Glamourous / Huuum Delicious. An unidentified "fluxusian" core of fanatics have created a web site totally dedicated to the Mighty Monster Of Mental Masturbation: THE GEROGERIGEGEGE himself. All, all, all about the best-of-the-best Japanese so-lone-hero JUNTARO YAMANOUCHI. Complete discography, fine reviews, incredible rumors, forbidden archives... The only weak point is the rare news about THE GEROGERIGEGEGE... Banned in Japan? Murdered in South Tokyo? Christianized in Salt Lake City? In fact, I know by a friend Juntaro Yamanouchi is actually "very tired of everything and cured in a hospital". True? Wrong? Oh Please! Please! Please! Master Yamanouchi, come back quickly!!!!!

/September 2003/

- After seven months of voluntary musical abstinence (sic.) and relaxing personnal research in different ways (urban legends, magick poetry, survival skills, etc), the first record session for the next album of 47ASHES; "Ghost Hiker", "Chthonic Concrete" and "Silent Mirrors" are some of the fifteen new tracks scheduled for this CD-R. Stronger minimalist sounds, surprizing guest-artists and innovative visual style are in the making for the Isolationist Sound Poetry of this new conceptual act titled "MY BIVOUACS IN YOUR BUNKERS", an hallucinatory mix inspired by Yang Chu, John Carpenter, Cheyco Leidmann, Ragnar Benson, Jean Cocteau, etc. Available beginning of 2004.

- Several new tracks have been planned for various CD compilations around the world... And you know what? Cancelled! Cancelled! Cancelled! Where are the SERIOUS labels now? On the Moon? In Thule? In Hell?

- The Loooook Aaaaat Meeee web site of the month is www.luft46.com: "During WWII, German aircraft designers put forth many aircraft project ideas, which ranged from the practical to the bizarre. Some of these ideas were ahead of their time and reached a more advanced design stage, and even affect aircraft today". "Within the pages of Luft'46, you will find descriptions of these aircraft projects, illustrated with three-view drawings, model photos and custom color artwork". ...And of course, here, NO political views or ambiguous positions, ONLY "Future From The Past" at the top.

/May-June-July-August 2003/

(To begin with, I'm sorry for this long delay since the last update for the website but I’m very very very busy this summer with this new job of baywatcher at Malibu...! So, curse me for this but not our supa-chuppa-webmaster, the ô respectable "Herr Doktor" click-click da mouse OPHTH.)

- 47ASHES has recently created the apocalyptic visual of the next official album of his long-time collaborator MELEK-THA, "PERFECT WORLD ERADICATION" to be released September 2003 on the French label KUBERNOISE (Toulouse). Keep your good evilish eye open!

- Thanks to the French Fanatic of the dark-side-of-the-Taoist Culture who e-mailed me some complementary information about Yang Tchou (also called Yang Tzu, Yang Tseu, Yang Chu, Yang Zu...), it has strengthened my enthusiasm about this very misanderstood Chinese philosopher. In fact, his controversal Doctrine Of Absolute Individualism is just as much interesting – but less warlike, of course! - as the "Misanthropisme-à-l'Occidentale" so prized by the Industrial Music Intelligentsia (hu-hu) and shall certainly be the subject for a next album of 47ASHES... To be continued.

- Henseforth, I'll propose you to laugh every month with a website, chosen for its extravaganza! This month, it's www.vhemt.org: the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, who argues "that people should voluntarily refrain from procreation until the humain race dies out", etc. May We Live Long And Die Out is their favorite slogan. Are they serious? Are they joking? It's up to you to decide!

- "VIE ET MORT DE HOWARD PHILIPPS LOVECAFT" is the title of the new magick collaboration between The Little Shell Of The Deep Sea 47ASHES and The Great Oyster Of The Black Wave MELEK-THA; this self-produced album is an extra tribute in an extra package dedicated to an extra man. Ah – Ah – Aaaargh! To be release end of 2003 / So, Cthugl’shlug nughtll’smg!

- What's that, lazy internauts? The Guestbook "Insult Or Venerate..." has been open for four months now on the website and ONLY FIVE MESSAGE? Are you sleeping or what? Pff!

/April 2003/

- Acthung, Ragnarokamerads, this is an IMPORTANT message... What the Hell do you think you're doing? It should be painfully obvious by now that the "Truly Primary Fucking Really Good Industrial Kulture" as we know it won't last too damn much longuer. And what are you doing about it? You run to the record shops to buy more and more CDs of pseudo-"Grr" artists/labels (pff.) with Hail! Satan In Diamond, Topless Gothic Models and Golden Camouflaged Volkswagens?! What will happen to the T.P.F.R.G.I.C. when all this SHIT comes down on us FOR EVER with NO HOPE TO LISTEN to good home-made/lo-fi/do-it-yourself/I'm-so-lazy-yo-darling-to-do-a-nasty-noise-yo-darling MUSIC? Don't you feel responsible for trying to help the now endangered T.P.F.R.G.I.C.? SO, don't give your love and your money to this scum of pseudo-but-not-not-not-T.P.F.R.G.I.C.; give your love and your money to a real FREELANCE T.P.F.R.G.I.C.-artist self-produced-in-all; give your money to... 47ASHES. Why? Simply because my new CDR "HEILIGE FLAMMEKUECHE" is FINALLY available! So click <HERE> to BUY IT NOW!

/March 2003/

- The no 17 of CYNFEIRDD is available now! This excellent magazine of "friendship culture" with texts in French/English and printed to 555 copies, contains among other things an interview of 47ASHES. It comes with "FRIENDSHIP INTO DECADENCE", a CD sampler featuring Hide & Seek (Fra), Decadence (Gr), While Angels Watch (UK), Weihan (Bel), Othila (Fra), De Profvndis Clamavi (Ita), Radio Eichenlaub (Ger) and... 47ASHES. Cynfeirdd Is Great, Long Live Cynfeirdd! More info: www.cynfeirdd.com.

- Our Glorious, Gorgeous and Courageous Grand Webmaster Flash, the so-ultra-and-ultra überDOKTOR OPHTH has completly redesigned MELEK-THA's wonderwebsite! Novo Colors! Novo Sounds! Novo Images (...). Just Go Surf It, Beast Boys! He has also added a "guestbook" on this site, named -Insult My Intelligence/Venerate My Vileness-...

- Personnal announcement: I am lookinf for information IN FRENCH (articles, biography, doctrine, poems...) about the Taoist and Misanthropist Chinese Philosopher YANG ZHU; if someone knows anything about this Cool but So-Mysterious Old One, please e-mail me quick, thanks!

/February 2003/

- First, (non) Surprising News: the supposed participation of 47ASHES and MELEK-THA to the French compilation "PARAMETRIC Q_F_G" is canceled -that's no wonder because it's "in the logic of the day". Anyhow, thanks to the organisers and their collaborators who haven't informed us that they just weren't interested in our tracks: the legendary courtesy of our country I suppose...

- Second, (very) GOOD News: the interview of 47ASHES in the next issue of the French magazine CYNFEIRDD is confirmed: there are still Men Of Word here!

- So, finally: the "RAGANAROKARAOKE" CDR is available in America from SELF-ABUSE RECORDS and in England from COLD SPRING RECORDS... Oh, Please Please Please -don't accuse me of collaborating with the fucking USA-UK war coalition; I don't think these Gentlemen Of The Final Noise are exactly fans of Tony Blair and George W. Bush, eh! eh! eh!

/January 2003/

- Hello brothers and sisters. The selected tracks for the forthcoming 47ASHES CDR "HEILIGE FLAMMEKUECHE" have actually been mastered in the secret blockhome-studio of my frater CYRIL ADAM (aka VINCI "who truly knows the true truth"), a veteran of überfolklospace muzik and now professionnal in sound. So, I have the pleasure to disclose the definitive track list of meine große force-de-frappe:

Voidologists Against Illuminatians
Tatooeed Tits, Turntable, Totentanz
Brown Bretzel
Like A Menhir On A Dancefloor
The Gabby Mushroom & The Knight-Snail
Defleshed Ghosts Of Deceased Goths
Mystic Tiki Klub Sound System
Of My Bizarre You Must Beware
En Avant Comme Avant
Illuminatians Against Voidologists

- The notorious French prozine CYNFEIRDD (neofolkitschies, industribalism, neo-classicumcum...) has tormented 47ASHES with their nietzschian questions, so my answers shall probably be published in the next issue, youpi! XXL thanks to l'Archiviste & His Terrificcatorum Tiny-Popy Team!

- If there's not WAR between the USA and France before that (ah-ah-ah "Uncle McWorld Against Captain Roquefort Du Terroir"), 47ASHES will be distributed in one or two months in America by the megaktivist SELF-ABUSE RECORDS. Welcome to Hollywooooood, "Monsieute de Sainte-Pierré".

/December 2002/

- Ya-ah-ah, the next 47ASHES CDR is now completly recorded; to be titled "HEILIGE FLAMMEKUECHE" and containing 12 militaristic or esoteric tracks funnily or ironically named "Heathen Hearts Vs McWorld", "Brown Bretzel", "Avanti Legionari Avanti", "Deus Ex Merchandisa", "Svastikaffeeklatsch", etc, be sure it will be a SURPRISE for circle of friends... and the others. No release date available at this time. To be continued...

- Oh, God! What's that BOOK? ...I must explain you that for the next common CDR with MELEK-THA (based on H.P.Lovecraft's life), I have retrieved the personnal interpretation of some pages of the NECRONOMICON, created by a french artist named ZAMACK in the 80's, in a unique copy... and it's plain FRIGHTENING... Somebody has a CRUCIFIX, PLEASE?

/November 2002/

- 15/16/17th Nov.: greeeeeat times, guys!!! After our first meeting "in the flesh, in person" during the first night of the annual Deadly Action festival (a notorious "Industrial Culture Sabbath" in Villeneuve d'Ascq - France), MELEK-THA suggested we record some fun tracks for 47ASHES in his personnal home-studio. Yeeeees partner-in-power, let's go, goddamnit (I always have some tapes of FX'n'voices and minidisc of loops'n'cut-ups in my game bag). So, in his private "Kitsch'n'Black Magick-Disneyland", I have assembled and mixed 9 new tracks with his help, but - of course - in the minimalist, chthonic and direct style that I like, for the next album of 47ASHES. To be continued...

- Oh, note that if you like the notorious MELEK-THA masterpieces like "De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca", "Evil Is Too Strong" or "Gloriam Demondi"... it's incredible, truly incredible, because MELEK-THA hasn't got a huge equipment, but he controls it to perfection, like a super-creative bandmaster! Total Respect For This Artist, pleeease!

/October 2002/

- 47ASHES has composed six different long compositions of martial and ritualistic drums for the next common Xtra Project with MELEK-THA about the Great Howard Philipps Lovecraft. Nooooow-oh-oh, MELEK-THA-ah-ah (watch your mailbox) you know what to do with it! "Cthulhu Speaks Through You", 666 Brother!

- BRUNO NOAILLON, a French fanatic of my music living in the magic Champagne-Ardennes (an area of France), who's also an artisan &eagrave;s delicatessen, has sent me a great and generous gift: two fragrant and full-flavoured SAUSAGES eh-eh. Hail to you, Big Butcher Of Bloody Beauties! ...Ah, the French "savoir-vivre, tout de même" it's wonderful, miam-miam! If somebody wants to follow Bruno's tracks...

/September 2002/

- 47ASHES has recorded an exclusive track named "Defleshed Ghosts Of Deceased Goths" for a german CD compilation... More information soon, if my participation is confirmed (ahaha - bis).

- 09.20.02: Snif-snif: my seventh second-hand turntable is dead today... Too many voodoo loops and vile vinyls for your little heathen heart, baby!

- G'harne Fhtagn Cthulhu Hyzd Negg'h! The next insane collaboration plannified with my friendly fiend MELEK-THA is an exclusive tribute to the great american master of horror Howard Philipps Lovecraft. Ce'haiie, Ce'haiie G'harne Cthulhu Icaniucas!

/August 2002/

- Tora! Tora! Tora! "KORONER'S KRIMINAL KAMA-SUTRA (MERRY MELODIES FROM THE MORTUARY)" is the Nu-Xtrem CDR-Kollaborazion between 47ASHES and the Great '666' Beast MELEK-THA in person (oops, we did it again, baby!); distributed by Nuit et Brouillard and others, this pure necrophylarmonic pornorchestration is packed in a beautiful bloody box with a pair of chirurgical gloves (!) for your lovely lonely nights (what?!). Greeeeeeat!

- My friend Bärn Balta/LIFE WITHOUT SEX sent to me a KOLOSSAL (!) essay about my solo-project - named "47ASHES Ou Le Dévoilement de la Stratégie de la Tension". Available now from Nuit & Brouillard (as well as two other fanzines by L.W.S. about Genesis P.Orridge and the Japanoise Cult Heroes). More info in the BLA, BLA-BLA AND BLA-BLA-BLA section (in French only, argh).

/July 2002/

- 47ASHES has recorded an exclusive track named "Tattooed Tits, Turntables And Totentanz" for a French CD compilation and remixed the track "Abracadabraxas" for an Australian CD compilation coming in 2003... More info soon, only if my participations are confirmed, ahaha (ups).

- Yes! I have finished creating the complete visual of "KARN EVIL (LE CARNAVAL DE L'ENVERS)", the first CDR-album of a french "elektrokabbalistic" artist (and friend) named THE EGG (bizarre? bizarre!). His CDR is described "in the way of the good old industrial and experimental muzak sometimes remindind Nurse With Wound" by his exclusive distributor ATHANOR. Buy it or die!