koroner's kriminal kama-sutra

koroner's kriminal kama-sutra
merry melodies from the mortuary

Cdr in a DVD Box created in collaboration with MELEK-THA - 200 copies - September 2002.
Distributed by Nuit & Brouillard, Cold Spring, Self-Abuse (...), available from Dysphorie (Paris)

Track Listing:
1.Midnight Romance In The Mortuary Refrigerator
2.I Would Like To Touch Your Bodies For Eternity
3.Oh! The Exciting Juice Of Your Putrified Cunt
4.I Like To Suck Rotten Bollocks Too
5.And At Dawn, I Sold Tour Cadavers To A Satanic Sect

Liner Note: "A necrophylarmonic pornorchestration exhumed & reanimated by Lord Evil/MELEK-THA and Saint-Pierre/47ASHES during March 2002."

Other Note: a pair of chirurgical gloves are included in each copy. Some rare copies come with a minidisc containing the original necrophyliac interview and an extra track.