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Illuminatop: Paranoïa Potpourri & Conspiracy Cocktail
Mcdr 15 mn - 47 copies - May 2001
Almost sold out, few copies still available from ATHANOR

Track Listing:
1.Satanic Supreme
2.Mafia MK-Ultra
3.Cosmic Conspiracy
4.Plutonium Peril
5.Masonic Masquerade
6.Alien Autopsies - mp3
7.Mighty Megalith
8.Doom Dictatorship - mp3
9.Cthulhu Cult
10.Pentagone Pigs - mp3
11.Templar Treasure
12.Eschaton Eminence - mp3
13.Digital Dominator
14.Thule Teenagers - mp3

Liner Note: "Heute die Welt, morgens das Sonnesystem, ewige Blumenkraft und ewige Schlangenkraft. Gestern Hanf, heute hanf, immer Hanf." - Adam Weishaupt, Prima Illuminati, 1776 / "There exists in our nations today a powerful and dangerous secret cult... the cult of Illuminatus." - Victor Marchetti, former MK-Ultra agent, 1996