the earth abomination

the earth abomination
kreate yourself your self-destruktion

Box 2Cdr 70mn in collaboration with MELEK-THA - 100 copies - September 2001
Sold out!

Cdr 1 / recorded and mixed by MELEK-THA at Ultrapocalystudio, May/August 01

Track Listing:
1.Mass Extermination
2.Total Human Sterilization by Cellular Phone Aktivation
3.The Earth Abomination
4.Satanarchist Idolization of the Khaoccidental Annihilization
5.Worms Proliferation

Cdr 2 / recorded by 47ASHES at Fresholocaustudio, March 01, and remixed by MELEK-THA, August 01

Track Listing:
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5...Of Course, Twin Sickadelic Sounds!

Liner Note: "For and Endless enjoyment of eternal earthquake, play at the same time the twin CDs of THE EARTH ABOMINATION at maximum malignant volume on two hi-fi systems and... Kreate Yourself Your Self-Destruktion!"